Spray Lubrication Systems

SKF Spray Lubrication Systems
SKF Oil + Air Lubrication Systems
Lubrication systems operating with the SKF Oil + Air principle have been developed mainly for fast rotating bearings, chains and special applications in the iron and steel industry. A pump, progressive feeder, or single-line distributor delivers a very small amount of regulated lubricant to a mixing valve. The air flow is set to the minimum. Together with the air, the oil slowly moves to the lubrication point and ensures that the bearing or chain is lubricated with a small amount of air and oil jets continuously. This means that the bearing housing is under a low amount of positive pressure, meaning that external debris cannot reach the sensitive bearing. This application does not create an oil mist, therefore it does not cause an environmental pollution. SKF Oil + Air lubrication systems can be customized and used with the latest technology sensors.

Better operating performance due to better speed characteristics (up to 2,200,000 mm d / d in rolling bearings).
More reliable operation due to clean bearings: continuous supply of the correct amount of new oil to the system; Positive compressed air protects bearings from external pollution.
Less lubricant: As much as necessary, as little lubricant as possible for work safety and environmental hygiene; While the adjusted amount for each friction point meets the need precisely, it consumes 90% less oil compared to lubricating with oil mist; no oil fog, inhaled air remains clean; No time is wasted on oil filling as it is in grease lubrication.

The most common applications are economical lubrication of high-speed bearings, spindle bearings in tool stands and bearings in enclosed gearboxes.
An oil + air based system can also be used to apply very small amounts of lubricant to systems in the production line of textile fibers (lubrication of the holders).

SKF Oil + Air units
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