Circulating Lubrication Systems

SKF Circulating Lubrication Systems
SKF CircOil - SKF Circulating Lubrication Systems
SKF CircOil systems are oil circulation systems designed not only for the lubrication but also for the cooling of heavily loaded bearings in machines of almost all sizes in the heavy industry and paper industry.
These systems also prevent dirt, water and air particles from entering the bearing. An oil supply system delivers lubricant to regulating valves, each of which can be adjusted separately. Actual lubricant flow rates can be controlled visually or electronically. A monitoring system with flow display function and individual alarm levels is available for more reliable predictive maintenance services. SKF CircOil systems are available as customer-specific and complete ready-to-use from 0.1 to 3 000 l / min.
This lubrication solution mainly includes innovative oil reservoirs such as the SKF Streamline Pump Unit with a tank capacity of up to 40 000 liters and the SKF Flowline Pump Unit, which significantly reduce oil consumption.
SKF CircOil systems are very easy to operate. Additionally, since these systems are of modular design, they can be easily integrated with each other.


SKF CircOil
SKF SM-100 Oil Pumping Units
Fan units
SM-100 oil circulation lubrication units are ideal for the lubrication of bearings in industrial fans where it is not possible to use grease due to high speed and / or high temperature. These units supply the cooled and filtered oil directly to the bearing continuously. The oil flow rate is adjusted according to the bearing and bearing size in order to prevent oil leaks and overheating that may be caused by a very large pump system.


SKF SM-100 Oil Pumping Unit is available in 3 different tank sizes;
30 liters, 50 liters and 100 liters.
Bearings with internal diameters from 11/8 inches to 51/2 inches can be adequately lubricated with this oil circulation system.

* Large oil chambers allow the oil to cool quickly
* Large oil chambers allow the air in the oil to be removed more easily
* Control options provide great flexibility in assembly and operation
High pressure filtration up to 1 000 psi
* Easy to read level indicator
* High safety with backup pump option for critical applications
* Flat screw connections on the pressure side prevent oil leakage.



Pump units for one lube circuit - UD / UC Pump units
The pump units mentioned in this section are systems designed for continuously operating oil circulation and hydrostatic lubrication systems, used for lubricant delivery and do not contain oil drainage assembly. In addition, these pump units can be used in other hydraulic applications within the range of pressure and viscosity limits stated in the tables. The system is driven by a three-phase motor designed for 230/400 V rated voltage according to DIN IEC 38.
The permissible pressure and flow rates vary depending on the viscosity. When using an oil with a viscosity outside the specified range (spindle or high viscosity oils), get information from your local SKF representative. Always keep in mind that even standard oils may behave with very low or very high viscosity during temperature changes.