Central System Grease Pumps

Central Lubrication Systems - SKF MultiFlex
Single Line Grease Pumps, KFG Series

General machine construction, road and off-road vehicles, cranes, wind turbines, mixers etc.

* Durable construction
* Designed for NLGI 2 class greases at system pressures up to 300 bar
* Easy assembly, max. 3 pump outputs
* Ability to monitor the lubrication situation very effectively with the feedback piston detector signal on the progressive feeder
* Fully automatic operation using an electronic control system
Working time 1 ... 99 min.
Standby time 1 ... 99 hours
* Internal mixing device in the hopper prevents grease separation and air accumulation in the system.
* AC version is designed for 90-264 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz.


Central Lubrication Systems - SKF MultiFlex
Multi Outlet Grease Pumps - FF and FB Series

General heavy machinery constructions, crushers, steel and mining industries

Robust design with internal agitator suitable for greases up to NLGI class 3
* Adjustable pump elements
* Steel tank sizes 4, 6, 10, 15 or 30 kg
* Different ratios and element sizes are available for flow rate in the range of 0.04 ... 7 cm³ / min.
Durable 3-phase electric motor for continuous and intermittent operation




Central Lubrication Systems - SKF DuoFlex
Double Line Grease Pumps, FK Series Pump Units

The FK pump unit is a piston pump designed for small to medium size dual line lubrication systems. Designed for tough operating conditions up to 400 bar pressure, this system is available in a single kit, including all required valves.

Grease pump unit coupled to gear box, agitator, steel reservoir with ultrasonic level switch, filling socket and screw cap, safety valve, 3-phase electric motor (230/400 VAC, 50 Hz, 0.37 kW) -Ip55F, p max. pressure 400 bar.

1/2 ”hydraulic connections are used from oils with viscosity starting from 50 mm² / s to NLGI class 3 greases. The internal screw enables the use of hard greases such as NLGI class 3.

* Available with 1 to 6 internal pump elements in the range of 0.67 to 4 kg / hour

* Available in different valve arrangements for the following systems:
- Progressive lubrication systems
Single line lubrication systems




Central Lubrication Systems - SKF DuoFlex
Dual Line Grease Pumps, SKF Multilube Series

The SKF Multilube pump unit is a revolutionary solution for the lubrication of individual machines and equipment. Thanks to its simple assembly, compact structure and easy use of the pump unit, it provides reliable operation even in outdoor environments. Central lubrication increases the working efficiency of the machine.

The high quality SKF Multilube pump unit increases the life of machinery and equipment by preventing bearing damage. Due to the centrality of lubrication, the amount of lubricant used is optimum, thus reducing energy and lubricant consumption.

Compact and Flexible Solution
All elements and functions of the system (control unit, pump, reservoir, directional control valve and pressure monitoring system) are integrated into the modular SKF Multilube pump unit. Internal heating in the unit ensures the operation of the system even in the most difficult and cold conditions.

All SKF grease and oil dosing adjusters for single or dual line systems can be used with the SKF Multilube unit. Auxiliary equipment such as sprayers, moving nozzles and lubricating brushes can also be used according to the requirements of lubrication.

Advantages and features
* Design as a single compact unit
* Modular and robust construction
* Easy to assemble and operate
* Can be used with single line, double line and progressive lubrication systems
* SKF Multilube pump unit can be used in oil and grease-operated lubrication systems
* Suitable for all pumpable greases and oils
* Two different oil chamber sizes
* Pump elements are equipped with a pressure relief valve
* The filling connection is equipped with a safety valve
* There is a visual or electrical low level indicator in the chamber
* The pump is equipped with a central heating resistor.
* Simple and versatile user interface
* Data can be read externally
* Wide operating temperature range –30 to +70 ° C (–22 to +158 ° F)