Central Liquid Lubrication Pumps

Central Liquid Lubrication Pumps - SKF CircOil
Pump units for one lube circuit - Series MFE and MKx


The pump units mentioned in this section are systems designed for continuously operating oil circulation and hydrostatic lubrication systems, used for lubricant delivery and do not contain oil drainage assembly. In addition, these pump units can be used in other hydraulic applications within the range of pressure and viscosity limits stated in the tables. The system is driven by a three-phase motor designed for 230/400 V rated voltage according to DIN IEC 38.

The permissible pressure and flow rates vary depending on the viscosity. When using an oil with a viscosity outside the specified range (spindle or high viscosity oils), get information from your local SKF representative. Always keep in mind that even standard oils may behave with very low or very high viscosity during temperature changes.


Maximum ambient temperature
+40 ° C (104 ° F)
Lubricant temperature
0 to +80 ° C (32 to 176 ° F)

Working principle of the hydraulic system
Considering the figures given below, Oil is sucked at the S point and pressed from the pipe along the P direction. The oil pressure closes the V valve and overcomes the spring force on the E3 valve, opening this valve. If the system has made air (due to low oil level in the chamber), the V valve remains open and sends the air or air + oil mixture to the return line. C1 valve, on the other hand, allows excessive pressure oil to flow into the return line.


Explanation of structural differences
In the MF type, the D2 plug keeps flanged port R2 open open (in contrast to D1 in type M) and a blind plug closes the R1 external port. The R2 flanged port of the return line is directly connected to the oil tank without any screw connections. (see Figures 2 and 3)

There are wall mounted 30 and 50 liter oil tanks with and without feet.
1 = Oil filler cap
2 = Oil filter
3 = Level switch
4 = Gear or gerotor pump unit
6 = Oil level indicator
7 = Oil drain plug

Oil tank and cover: forged steel with enamel finish. Complete oil tank units are also available in accordance with the standards of the automobile industry. DIN or special oil tanks can be supplied on request.