Central Liquid Lubrication Distributors

SKF Central System Liquid Lubrication Distributors
SKF MonoFlex
Piston distributors for single line lubrication systems
Piston distributors adjust the amount of lubricant and deliver this lubricant to the lubrication area with an intermittent pump. Adjusting the appropriate amount of lubricant for the individual lubrication points is done with adjustment nipples. There is a statement on each nipple showing the amount of lubricant. In addition, the amount of lubricant required for the entire system can be precisely adjusted by changing the lubrication frequency.


In order to obtain the required amount of lubricant and meet the requirements of the application, it is possible to use four distributor groups with different lubricant delivery amounts and sizes. Although the working principle of these distributor groups is the same, their designs are different. Different groups of distributors can also be used within an installation.

Attention please! Felt material: NBR.
In general, the operating conditions specified for the respective pump units apply equally to distributors.

Limit values ​​for distributors:
Temperature range:
0 to + 80 ° C (32 to 176 ° F)

Effective lubricant viscosity:
5 to 2 500 mm² / s

Working principle
1. The amount of lubricant required for the lube points is in front of the piston in the distributor.
2. When the central lubrication pump starts to deliver the oil, the piston moves forward and presses the lubricant in front of it to the lubrication point at 12 to 45 bar main line pressure.
3. After the main line has been depressurized (1 bar), the distributor piston returns to its original state and the set amount of lubricant fills the space in front of the piston again.

Piston distributors, group 340
0.01 - 0.16 cm³ (for oil)

Piston distributors, group 350
0.1 - 0.6 cm³ (for oil)

Piston distributors, group 390
0.2 - 1.5 cm³ (for oil)